Herold-Consulting Ihr Partner für die medizinische Industrie Your partner for the medical industry
Herold-Consulting Ihr Partner für die medizinische IndustrieYour partner for the medical industry

Gutes Team - Perfekte Partner!

Unsere Kunden schätzen unsere Leistung.

Die Herold-Consulting arbeitet mit erfahrenen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern und mit einer Reihe von Kooperationspartnern im Medical Management.

Sabine Herold

Business Management und Expert für die medizinische Industrie


25 Jahre Erfahrung in der Medizintechnik mit Schwerpunkt Diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics, Herzchirurgie, Kardiologie, Radiologie, Urologie, POCT, Diabetes-Markt und Dental. Profi im Vertrieb/Kundenmanagement, Produktmanagement und Vertrieb & Marketing in EMEA.

Ergebnisorientierter und auf den Kunden fokussierter Vertriebsprofi mit umfassenden Marktkenntnissen und einem breiten Kontaktnetzwerk. Konsequentes Erreichen der Umsätze, Ziele und des Rentabilitätswachstums.

Sehr gute Erfahrung im OEM, B2B sowie Direktgeschäft mit Endkunden.
Umfangreiche internationale Führungserfahrung und erfolgreiche Leistungsbilanz in wachsenden Gründungsunternehmen.

Umfassende Erfahrung im Bereich Mitarbeiterentwicklung und Beurteilung.
Sehr gute Kenntnisse im Umgang mit Management Tools wie Business Prozess Management, Strategisches Marketing, Risiko Management, Change Management etc.

Jahrelange Erfahrung mit US-ansässigen Unternehmen. Exzellentes Verständnis für multikulturelle Teamarbeit.



Jane Reedy (USA)


Specialist in Medical Devices and Life Science


Partner of Herold- Consulting Group


Jane Reedy has over 25 years of life science experience as a business advisor and corporate executive. She is Founder of BayRock Medtech Advisors, a consultancy addressing strategic and operational matters in high potential science- and technology-based companies. Areas of expertise encompass overall business strategy, reimbursement, clinical affairs, sales and marketing, including market research. Jane is an active participant in the entrepreneurial world and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Jane works with clients to enhance their competitiveness and create sustainable value by addressing critical strategic and business issues. Client engagements include market and product assessments, portfolio and therapeutic areas strategies,product development, business plans, clinical trial design and execution, competitive analysis, pricing, reimbursement and market access strategies.


Clients span the globe and include companies with a thousand employees to start-ups with fewer than three employees.


Jane works in close cooperation with Herold- Consulting, please click on http://bayrockadvisors.com.

Michael Rosén 

a- medica


Partner of Herold- Consulting


Michael has implemented large corporate financial transactions in the Nordic countries as representative for Credit Lyonnais banking group.


As Director of Pierrel, a listed pharmaceutical group, Michael conducted a major restructuring. As board member for a joint-venture with Nutricia Michael also supervised market developments in enteral clinical nutrition.


Michael established and managed a coordination center for Nobel Industries group's engineering, fine chemical and pharma operations.


As Director for Developmental Technologies, a contract-research center, Michael conducted operational restructuring with the divestment of the company.


Since 1991 Michael has designed and implemented a range of accelerated business development and venture processing projects, through creative strategies for European markets, including pharmaceuticals, laboratory consumables, diagnostic tests and medical devices.


Michael is a Civilekonom from the Stockholm School of Economics.


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